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We take on a limited amount of clients through the year to join us in the process of discovery and design. The whole nine yards or as we like to call it "The Clarity Startup Project."

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I'm the founder of The Blank Page Method, a Seven Port Travel Company. I help my clients create strong foundations that allow them to build superstructure businesses. 

I am a visual starter mastermind. My background is in business startup and e-commerce marketing. I primarily work with members of the travel industry! Getting advisors on the track of success by implementing a process that speaks to the heart and soul of their newly discovered ideal client is the bread and butter of what I do. 

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I love branding and putting you on the path of discovery within yourself and your business. I realize this process can feel a bit overwhelming, it is after all how you showcase your business to the world. I have created tools that will help you along the way of customizing your template! The best part is that I include all the tools you'll need to be successful with your template with every template purchase, so no need to pay extra!

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Whether you are just starting out or revamping your brand and workflow, this checklist is perfect for you. Ensure that you have all wheels rolling within your business and leave nothing stagnant. 

This list will ensure you have skipped nothing and you are on the path to do what you want to do, and what you do best, selling the world. 

-Natasha Givens

"OMG!!! I really don't even know where to start about April!! She's truly heaven sent! Her expertise, knowledge and understanding of business branding is unparalleled. On top of the level of patience she had while working with me was truly amazing!! I appreciated the time she took to communicate the things I didn't understand. She helped me wrap up a list of "to do's" I've had on my plate forever. I just had no time to focus on them. She seamlessly helped me literally revamp my entire business. I couldn't be more happy!! I randomly click on my own website because I'm just that impressed!! April did her thing!!! Definitely will recommend her to everyone. Her vision and eye for design is unmatched!!!"

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